Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Oracle BPEL is out !

The new BPEL Process Manager from Oracle is finally out since the 30th of July !

This version is a patchset which can be installed on a (or more). That means you have to install the version before, and then install the patchset.
I regret this patchset wouldn't be a standalone installation... As usual, this is available only for OC4J applications servers (I know it should be available from September for IBM WebSphere).

Anyway, this new version is here, and I think Oracle BPEL is on a good way (good improvements, faster, usefull things).

The BPEL Console
This new version mainly focuses on the BPEL console by adding some gadgets as :
- improved statistics collection
- more visibility of the engine threading modele
- a XML validator to validation any requests before posting.

The BPEL Engine
- I find out and I think which is really good is the creation of a new asynchronous thread to feed the audit trail. In this case, if you start a new bpel process and if it crashes before the first dehydration point, you should be able to see the audit trail (how many times I tried some process which are impossible to debug since we do not have the audit trail .... !). I hope this point works.
- Embedded automatic recovery agent which can recover any messages or activities which would be in state failed (state unresolved or not handled by the dispatcher). This sounds very good because I get used to develop my own recovery scripts in order to recover this kind of unresolved messages ...
- JVM data collection as JVM thread dumps, JVM heap statistics

- Export of a process suitcase
- Deployement plan which is created in order to make easier the deployement on several environnements (developement, testing, production) which all have different hostnames and ports. It simply modify the URI of the import clause in the bpel descriptor file, XSD, WSDL ...

By the way, Jdeveloper is also out ! (but it seems even more buggy than the, so take care to your bpel source code).

Talk you soon.