Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Apache ODE 1.2 is released

Hi folks,

This is my first technical post, and what is better than to announce the Apache ODE 1.2 release ?

This new release sounds very good for several points :
  • Improvements for stability and performance
  • External variables: variables used in a process are not opaque to the outside world anymore. You can map them to a simple database table and manipulate them directly. This means assigning to a variable has the effect of inserting or updating a row in the database, while reading a variable, has the effect of selecting a row from the database (I'll do a post on this feature to test it)
  • Advanced endpoint configuration support : WS-Security & WS-RM
  • New SQL scripts packaged in the ditribution (Derby, MySQL, Oracle)
  • Lots of bugs fixed !
Talk you soon.

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Nice One..